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We feed your Body

We are passionate about growing complete and real food for the human being, that is why we apply the agricultural method of Rudolf Steiner, known as biodynamic agriculture. This method is based on a deep knowledge and management of the cosmic impulses that determine plant and animal life, as well as absolute respect for nature with its beings and their rhythms. In this way we obtain food with a high vitality that guarantees the health of the human beings who eat it.


We grow two exquisite varieties. Larnaka: Delicious flavor reminiscent of pine nuts.
Kerman: Almond touches.
Packed in bags:
1 kg and 500g.


We take passionate care of our beehives, surrounded by a great diversity of plants.
Honey with a multitude of different shades that are presented in harmony.
Format: 500 g.

Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Picual variety. Harvested at its optimum ripening time, with the moon in constellation of flower or fruit. Formats:
500 ml and 2.5 l


We elaborate red wine of the varieties garnacha and tempranillo, that for our types of soils and climate have a strong character at the same time that subtle. Format:
75 cl bottle

You can feed your body with our food, just send us your order and we will contact you.


All our foods are cultivated and elaborated without the presence of chemical synthesis substances, integrating animals in the crops and taking advantage of the cosmic rhythms and impulses to obtain complete foods for the Human Being.



We are partner and supplier of Subbética Ecológica.


Our crops have been certified in organic production since 2009.