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Biodynamic Agriculture
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We feed your Body

We feed your Soul

Our history

Ecologic Farm

We are the third generation of farmers who cultivate the fertile lands of the high valley of the Guadalquivir river as it passes through the northeast of the province of Jaén.

Our Ecologic Farm is located in a privileged place, halfway between Cazorla and Úbeda. So that in a few minutes we can enjoy, in addition to agriculture, tourist activities around history and also nature. For more than 10 years our crops have been certified in organic production and we apply Rudolf Steiner preparations (biodynamic preparations). Which is why we achieve that soil, plants and animals harmoniously express all their vital potential, giving rise to complete foods for the human being.

The management of our Ecologic Farm is based on anthroposophy, a philosophy developed by Rudolf Steiner. And which seeks to put the wisdom of the human being at the service of the evolution of humanity as a whole. So that all our activities, from plant cultivation, care From animals to training and tourism activities are aimed at promoting integral human development.

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We are a partner and supplier of Subbética Ecológica.


Our crops certified in organic production since 2009.